Blast Furnace’s second cohort fostered and cultivated innovation in the following teams.  We look forward to following them on their path to success.



With Namesake, we want to create an app that more seamlessly transfers personal information and user input between two parties to be used in event registration and personal information exchanges.


BuzzBand provides a pro-active, non-invasive alochol monitoring system designed to monitor underage drinking in secondary schools and prevent alcohol dependency.


We are aiming to develop a social shopping mobile app that lets users seek feedback and recommendations on style and recieve clothing store coupons by giving feedback. Thumbs up also serve as a shopping platform where users are able to purchase recommended items from online stores. The app will generate revenue by advertisements and commission from clothing stores.


The business concept is to create a social networking online program for the connection of students, professors, and staff from different departments. This helps students to find mentors either from their major departments or from other departments or even be able to connect with proffessors of students’ pioneering interests. Moreover, this builds a social network for professors to share events with the student population or even professional advice. In general it is an academic social networking business concept.


Our business concept is to sell our clients (cities, university or corporate campuses, ski resorts, gated communities, industrial sites etc…) a network of drones and stations to improve the security of these areas. A simple click on our application would put you in relation with a trained operator that can assist you while a drone is coming to your location in less than 2 minutes to provide on site support.



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FoodChain is a mobile application that combines social media with customer feedback. In the application a user can easily share, search, and critique meals from both restaurants and other users. The social environment helps facilitate a constant stream of feedback, which is invaluable to establishments. We then return analytics to the restaurant on their performance through a subscription model.


LatteMatic is a fully automatic, self cleaning gourmet coffee maker that provides various beverage options for household use. At the touch of a button, LatteMatic can brew coffee, espresso, and espresso-based drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. It contains reservoirs for water, milk, and coffee grounds that the average user will only need to fill once a week. It includes a mobile application that allows the user to create custom drinks and remotely control their device. The mobile application will also allow users to grant access to their friends and family. LatteMatic will use a business-to-business revenue model, and will sell primarily to wholesalers and retailers.


Our idea ties together a unique form of time-sensitive offers with the live status of a business’s wait times and/or occupancy. Through our app, establishments (salons, restaurants/cafes, mechanics, etic.) can offer exclusive deals when they have no line, or desire to fill empty seats or availabilities.

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The business concept is creating a mobile platform where college students who are looking for things to do around campus can find events at their university and organizations, college based or not, can get the word out and advertise their events. The apps main feature include an integrated map and an event feed organized by date, where people can see what’s trending, whats recently posted, and what’s happening down the street. The app has a number of features that make it ideal for college students to find an event of their interest.


Send Off App

A mobile app with which you can store and share (via NFC, messaging, or emial) your resume, portfolio, or other business documents with employers at networking events or schools at college fairs.



Glimpse is a social activism platform with an innovative globefeed, which allows socially conscious individuals the ability to explore & change the world in real time through live video, images, and various other media. Check us out at our website Glimpse.Global!



A collective database of varying events based on individualized interests, prices, and age ranges using GPS location technology. Essentially it will be an app/website that will create a digital billboard in which companies and organizations can utilize to advertise upcoming and ongoing events/things to do.

ECS, Inc.

I would like to build a business around my completed senior design project. My team created a medical device for critically ill patients. I would like to create a business in order to pitch our ideas to interested parties in order to gain investments for further iteration of the device before application to the FDA for testing approval.


Biddler is a reverse auction website designed to allow students to buy books at a lower price and sell them to a market that they know exists. Students will post textbooks that they are looking to buy, and list the price they would like to buy them at. Sellers will then see a list of users looking to purchase textbooks, and then give them an offer at, or lower than the current listing price. As more sellers come along, bidding will drive the price down, allowing buyer to receive the best price, and seller to know they will be able to sell their book for higher than minimum price.


ToothBrusher is a device that enables people to brush their teeth more effectively.


Our team aims to bring health care products to the public in an effective, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to make life easier.

Crime Time

A smartphone app that tracks and predicts crime in Latin America through crowd sourcing data, creating preventative and predictive models for citizens and police departments.


A platform connecting clients and translators for projects of any size and scope.


A short term activity planning app.


An app aimed at making healthy eating more conveinent and accessible.