Blast Furnace’s first cohort fostered and cultivated innovation in the following teams.  We look forward to following them on their path to success.


  • Josh Trach

Dirt Cheap Power

Their group created a fully functioning battery that runs on organic materials, such as dirt, and has the capability of powering cell phones and other small electronics while costing only a fraction of what competitors offer.

  • Emily Klonicki
  • Adelaide Klonicki


Functioning Everyday with an Electronic Assistive Device (FEEAD): FEEAD is the first of it’s kind, assessment technology, that shall enable any rehabilitation facility to find the most effective Electronic Assistive Devices,  for their clients with any kind of disability,  in a fraction of the time,  and for half the cost of what it takes today.

Heart Matters

Heart Matters has developed a product to reduce preventable death caused by drug side effects on your heart.

  • Lu Han
  • Keith Hoerburger
  • Yangzi Jiang


  • Jason Taylor
  • Omar Akhtar




Nymbus turns concert audience smartphones into an interactive platform that enables musicians to creatively engage fans and increase revenue at every point in the concert narrative: before, during and after the event.


One Oak Systems

One Oak Systems is a smart home energy management technology that integrates a mobile application, smart thermostat, and hardware network to reduce your heating and cooling bill up to 30%.

  •  Jacob Kring
  • Tom Molinari







Interphase 1

Interphase Materials (formerly SurfMatters/Oxi-DENT)





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  • Briand Jdjoko
  • Olisa Okonkwo
  • Carey Wasa